Our Mission Statement

Our mission is essential to a well-rounded education that will allow children to learn lifelong skills and reassure their value in our communities.  We want to reach, inspire, develop, youth creativity through a diverse program which guides youth to a promising and enriched future.


‚ÄčOur academy will provide the rich Heritage of mariachi music through education that will pass from generation to generation.  This Education will provide values and knowledge of mariachi music to young children through activities in our communities, which is an essential part of our academy program.  We want to Reach and service our community where our students will be able to gain understanding and confidence, improve their critical thinking and their listening and study skills.  We want to Encourage young children to be part of an extraordinary program that will change and enrich their lives.  We want to take our young children and Nurture them with the understanding of the importance of knowing our culture, and to represent its beauty.   We want to integrate the meaning of language, ideas, and beliefs, works of art, and symbols by teaching them CultureInspiring our young children to cultivate positive self-esteem and interpersonal skills is the goal of our academy.  We want them to visualize the importance of education and, overall, we want them to Accomplish their dreams.  It is essential to integrate all of these components, including our Vision and Mission Statements.


HERENCIA Mariachi Academy, Inc. denotes Heritage, Education, Reach, Encourage, Nurture, Cultural, Inspire, and Accomplish.  HERENCIA is an academy with goals of providing every component of which it stands for.